Automatic Chicken Coop Door Timer with Solar / Light Sensor

  • Multiple Modes: The automatic chicken door has a light sensing mode, the sunrise and sunset will automatically open and close, and a manual mode, you can open and close the door through the button on the back of the solar panel, with a timer mode, you can set it to your desired door opening and closing time of the day
  • Automatic Chicken Coop Door: The automatic chicken coop door opener uses solar energy, which can be stored in the built-in lithium battery, or can be charged using the USB port accessed on the back of the solar panel. It will last up to 1 month when fully charged, and you can install the solar panel in direct sunlight to keep the coop door working in extreme weather.
  • Safety Design: The chicken house door has a protective feature, such as if the chicken is touched when it is closed, it will automatically retreat. If the chicken leaves, the door will continue to close. This function will continue until the chicken passes through the chicken door completely.
  • Continuous workability: Thanks to IP44 waterproof, the chicken door can work without issue in extreme weather such as rain, snow or just simply dust. Made of high-quality aluminum, sturdy and durable, the surface is oxidized to prevent rust and corrosion. It also works in temperatures as low as -22°F.
  • Easy to Use: This chicken coop door opener requires no complicated wiring or wiring, and can be installed quickly with provided assembly accessories, and will take no more than 10 minutes to install the door. You won't need to assemble the door opener, just attach the solar panel and door kit to the coop and you're good to go! Make sure your chickens are protected at night and keep your chickens safe.

This automated chicken door measures (9.68") high by (7.95") wide and is suitable for chickens up to 10 lbs. This will be giving you freedom and protecting your chickens, once you start controlling your coop with this light sensor, as you won't have to worry about coming home after dark to make sure the coop door is closed. The door will protect your chickens from predators more than anything. If the door hits the chicken, it will stop automatically. Don't worry about hurting your chickens. Features included: Smart anti-pinch design, solar, light sensor and timer built-in.   The chicken coop door is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and alloy steel, which is not easy to break and prevents predators from attacking it.  It is durable and stable. Protect your chickens, ducks and more. 

There are two power supply methods 1.USB to DC charging cable to charge the lithium battery in the solar panel 2. The sun shines on the solar panel to charge it.

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