Smart Bird Feeder with Video and Smartphone APP


Feeding the birds is a mighty rewarding experience but, what about the birds you don’t see when you’re not watching your feeder like a hawk. Well, that’s an issue this product will proudly help you solve. 



Color: Blue

Material : Polyvinyl Chloride



>> 1080 HD Night-Version Camera & Built-in Microphone: The smart bird feeder has 165 degree super wide angle allowing you to monitor the birds during the day and night, and also hear their sounds. The camera has two built-in rechargeable batteries and a Type-C charging cable. Insert a SD card/cloud storage to support playback. (The Product contains 2 batteries)

>> Real-Time Notification & Device Sharing: After installing the APP, when a bird comes over, your phone will receive a notification (like your Facebook notification), click to enter and you can watch the bird in real time: Support device sharing, can share to multiple phones, and support 3 phones to watch online at the same exact time. Let your friends and family members share your joy!

>> Intelligent Bird Recognition: Built-in powerful bird recognition system in the APP(2.4GHz Wifi Only), according to the similarity of bird head recognition, the APP connects to Wikipedia, and lets you know what kind of bird was at the feeder.

>> Perfect Feeder Body & Outdoor-Use Design: The overall design of the arched eaves is suitable for prodviding the birds with some shelter, the bottom of the trough has multiple water outlets for drainage, while the bird standing pole is made of imitated bark texture, and 720ML super large transparent food storage space.

>> Premium Quality: The entire machine is made of high-quality PVC material with rigorous assembly process ensures that the food in the storage box is dry and the camera is safe.


Unable to connect for the first time, how do I know if it is a WiFi/router issues or the camera is defective?

1. Hotspot Test--Try to use another phone to send out the hotspot, use your phone and camera to connect to the hotspot.

2. If the connection is successful, the camera is work. Please contact the network/router service personnel for how to set the WiFi to ONLY 2.4GHZ;

If 5GHZ and 2.4HGZ exist at the same time, it will not be able to connect.

3. If the connection is not successful, the camera is defective.

Built-in 2 Batteries
  • The camera has two built-in 18650 rechargeable batteries and a Type-C charging cable.
  • Insert a TF card/cloud storage to support playback.
  • The Product contains 2x18650 batteries, No TF card
  • Battery: 2 x 18650
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Battery capacity: 6400mAh

Smart Bird Feeder Main Features

The whole machine is made of high-quality PVC material with rigorous assembly process to ensure long-term outdoor use, and it is water-proof and dust-proof for long-term outdoor use.

Easy installation and can be installed at any fixed position at will. The connection between the base and the main body can be adjusted 360 degrees.

  • Quality PC+ABS
  • Heavy Duty Metal Base
  • Food Capacity: 720ml
  • Mounting: Wall/Tree/Yard
  • 2 megapixel photos
  • 1080P HD live stream video
  • Field of view: 165 degrees
  • Audio: Microphone
  • What type of SD card does this take?

Support Class 10 8 G-128 G high speed Card. (Class 4 may not support)

  • Can I use it without an SD card?

No SD card added to the feeder will not affect daily use. Without SD card, it can receive notifications, watch in real time, have pictures and record videos; just can’t use the Playback function.

  • Can this connect to an iPad?

It can connect to Android phone, iPhone and iPad.(iOS 9.0 and Android 5.1 or above) NOT to Mac, computer, smart TV.

  • How long does the battery last per charge?

In the fully charged state, it can run for about 20- 30 days.


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